Frequently Asked Questions
When is the weekly menu posted?

Our new menu for the following week is typically available every Tuesday, allowing you a couple of days to place your orders by Thursday.

What is the order deadline?

The cutoff for placing orders is Thursday at Midnight. If you have a subscription, be sure to make any necessary edits to your menu by Thursday as well!

Do you offer delivery?

Absolutely! We deliver to most areas in Tampa on Mondays from 4 pm to 6 pm, right after the meals are freshly cooked. Simply enter your zip code at checkout to check for delivery availability.

What if I'm not home during the delivery window?

If you can't be home between 4 pm and 6 pm, we recommend leaving a cooler with ice packs outside to maintain the meals at a safe temperature. Given the Florida heat, insulated bags don't provide sufficient protection, so plan accordingly. If you're unable to secure the meals, just shoot us an email or text Alex, and we'll hold them for you!

Are your ingredients organic?

Yes! The majority of our ingredients are sourced from local Tampa farms such as Worden Farm, Meacham Urban Farm, Little Pond Farm, Meredith Family Farms, Frog Song Organics, and more. We believe in the nourishing benefits of local ingredients and strive to reflect that in our menus. In case the farms don't have specific items, we make adjustments accordingly.

Do you use seed oils?

No seed oils! After thorough research, we decided to steer clear of ultra-processed seed oils. It surprised us to learn that some seed oils need bleaching and deodorizing to become more palatable. We opt for Olive oil, Avocado Oil, grass-fed butter and ghee in our kitchen.

Can you accommodate specific diets?

While we may not be suitable for extreme allergies due to operating in a shared kitchen with shared equipment, we do our best to accommodate preferences. If you have dislikes or specific dietary needs, leave us a note in the comments, and we'll strive to make suitable substitutions for you!

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